The Functions of All Kinds of Pliers on 8Seasons

  1. Double round nose pliers(B33689)


Function: It was usually used in jewelry making projects such as the connection of the beads strand, earrings, hair accessories, brooches and so on. Meanwhile, it can also be used to bend the draw point. Just wrap the draw point on the round part of the pliers.

2.Round nose pliers(B33690)


Function: One side of the pliers is round and the other side is groove. It was usually used in jewelry making projects such as the connection of the beads strand, earrings, hair accessories, brooches and so on. Meanwhile, it also can be used to bend the pins into ‘9’shape. The instructions are as follow:

3.Long-handled punching pliers(B33691)


Function: These pliers are used in jewelry punching. The diameter of the hole will be about 1.0-1.2 MM. They can also be used expand the holes on gold chain and the punching of the metal flats which thinner than 1MM, scraps of papers, plastics and so on.

4.Long nose flat pliers(B33688,B33692)


Function: The two sides of these pliers are plain. They are usually used to connect the jewelry chains and also earrings, necklaces and hair accessories.

5.Multifunctional Scissors(B33687,B33686)


Function: They are used to cut the thin chains, iron wires, iron sheets, copper wires and copper sheets during the processes of jewelry making. Meanwhile, they can be used to gardening and the cutting of all kinds of office supplies.

6.Bent nose pliers(B33709,B33701)


Function: They are usually used to cut the tiny components and bend the metal wires and rings to the shape you want. They can also used to hold things and string beads in jewelry making.

7.Pincer pliers(B33708, B33698, B33700, B33705)


Function: They are tools to make the molds and usually used to cut the connection part of plastics and metal. And also have the function to cut the wires and pull out the electric wire. They are the necessary tools of velvet pile of wires. In jewelry making, they are usually used to cut the ‘9’shaped needles, iron wires, metal wires and so on.

8.Flat Nose Pliers(B33702)


Function: They are usually used to bend the metal sheets and metal wires into the shapes you want. In repairing, they are the usual tools to install metal components and electricity and used to install and pull out the dowels and springs. In jewelry making, they are tools to alter earrings and install jump rings. Flat nose pliers are tools to pinch things.

9.Toothed needle nose pliers

   Non-toothed needle nose pliers (B33703)


Function: They are usually used to hold rings, hang rings and connect earrings, necklaces, brooches, hair accessories and DIY components. They are also convenient tools to string beads. We will use long flat nose pliers to pick up the tiny beads and string them in a strand. Meanwhile, they can cut the single or stranded wires whose diameters are thin.

PS: The difference between toothed needle nose pliers and Non-toothed needle nose pliers: If the products are non-electroplating, the xx should be used; if the products are electroplating, the xx should be used.

10.Round nose pliers(B33707)


Function: They are usually used to bend circles of alloyed jewelry. Such as bend the pins to‘9’shapes and string beads.

11. Tweezers with shovel in the ends(B33695)



Function: They are used to check the tiny gemstones and components. With the tweezers, the screening will be more convenient.



How to Change an Old/Broken Snap Clasp to a New One?

Usually, you can change your jewelry clasp if you prefer anyone in toggle, lobster, spring clasps or magnetic clasps. Now you can also do this on European Charm Jewelry. It is easy to change the snap clasp, here is what I did, and you can follow the instructions if you like.

Materials you may need:

A piece of knife

A Piece of Bent Nose Plier

Step 1 Take off the old/broken clasp from your bracelet or necklace

1.Open the clasp, there is a small ring on the bottom of the clasp which locks and attaches it to the snake chain. That’s also the part that you want to open it, here we just call it “lock ring”. 

 Use the bent nose pliers to open the ring to outside.


Now take off the old clasp.

Step 2 Fix the new clasp to your snake chain. First,open up the new clasp, and again, using the bent nose pliers to open “lock ring”. Then put one end of the snake chain into the “lock ring” make sure the chain is locked in the ring. Last, use the pliers to close the “lock ring” tightly. Be sure there is no small gap in the ring or the snake chain may slip off through the gap

^-^ A new bracelet is done

DIY Unique Italian Style Bracelet

Nowadays, the Italian styled bracelets are more and more popular. This kind of bracelet is not only particular but also simple. Do you have thought about making an Italian bracelet on your own style? This will be meaningful to make it as a gift to your families and friends. The amount of the component depends on your wrist. Usually 18 components can make one Italian bracelet. For the beginners, you will only take 10-15 minutes to finish it. Then after you familiar with it, it will take less time!

Materials you need:1. One repair tool 2. Italian Charm Letter Links

Then, let’s begin!

Step 1: Pick up the letters you want to combine.

Step 2: Choose one of the components and push it by your hand or you can move it aside by the repair tool.

Step 3: Move aside the gap of the letter component on the right side. After you pull it out, just as the picture 2 shows, you will find a hooked part which is curving. This part is used to hook other components.

Step 4: Put the letters which need to be connected into the gap by the repair tool and push it to the left. Then fix it by hands so that it will be more convenient for the next connection.

Step 5: Push the flexible part of the letter component to the left by the repair tool so that it will be convenient for the hooking.

Step 6: The backsides of the repulsive letters are shown as the figure.


Step 7: Connect the letters you need in sequence.

Then the bracelet has been finished:

As the picture shows, do you think the Italian bracelet is very particular and simple? You can combine different letters to express your own feeling. You will have a sense of achievement to finish such a bracelet by yourself. Just share the joy with your friends!

How to Make A Fabric Button

Have you ever make a botton by yourself? Here I’d like to teach you a very simple method to make a fabric botton with molds. 8Season provides both the molds and the aluminum tone backs cover metal buttons. It’s easy for you who are not so patient. :) Well, let’s start our DIY journey! :-* Materials and supplies 1.Button Molds 2.Aluminium Buttons 3.A Hammer 4.A piece of cloth(which is fit for the button) 5.An iron bar 1 Now, let’s begin! 2 1. Put the cloth on the one end of the mold 3 2. Put the upper half alminium button on the cloth 4 3. Then press downward together with the extra cloth 5 4. Put the bottom half alminium button into the opposite end of the mold 6 7 5. Put the two ends together and you will see there is no cloth at the juncture 8 6. Strik the mold with the iron bar 9 7. Then just separate the each end of the mold 10 Ding! A fabric button was made! It is the simplest tutorial I have written. You can just try to make several this weekend. If you made, just let me know! Enjoy it my dear friends! <3

Cocktail Rings Are Fabulous

A signature piece of jewelry makes whatever look new and fashion forward which much like the style of your hair or a swipe of your red lipstick. It is not talking a dainty subtle piece either in the mold of classic eternity rings, or princess cut solitaire diamond ring. It is talking about an overtly extraordinary statement ring that solitics attention! Cocktail rings are things with many celebrities becoming enamored with these eye-catching sparklers. Styles are aplenty for the glam girl, the girl next door, the boho – chic, the preppy, even for the punk rock girl. Cocktail rings can be made with jade, rhinestones, fancy crystals or plastic. Regardless of material, these rings are gaining much buzz for being symbols of empowerment. 04eed8d0cfe0b0fe383dd4721d7bcacf They can easily infuse glitz and glam to every outfit. Put on jeans and a shirt, an elegant black dress or a sexy Friday night dress, as long as you have a fashion ring in your finger, be sure to enjoy basking in everyone’s admiring glances. However, these rings will generally work very well with elaborated or high neckline. Once you have that kind of neckline style, it’s rather inappropriate to wear glitzy necklaces. You won’t impress that way. It will look bad, a big fashion mishap. Something for the fashion police to critic and bash. If you’re already perfectly glammed up from head to toe, spare your fingers of another fashion statement. The additional sparkle is unnecessary this time. d980a1d6fa3b2f9313dbb70af5cacedb Many fashion people suggest that it’s best to wear them in your right hand. Just avoid at all cost wearing it on your left hand. This sends a message of empowerment, success and confidence. Buying and wearing the expensive piece would give you that sense of triumph when people notice how beautiful your ring is. You can easily find these kinds of rings from downtown hypermart, bazaars to flea markets. You will be accessorizing like the Hollywood movie stars with a right attitude and a little patience. In addition, don’t forget to check the antique shops, they may have the right pieces just perfect for you. If you want to be the ultimate fashionista, just get big, colorful, sparkly fashion rings! Don’t forget it’s fun and fabulous. Cocktail fashion ring is a great way to get noticed. You can find more details about cocktail rings at 8Seasons.

Hair Accessories For Young Girls

No matter girls or women in all ages, are all quite pay attention to their appearances. In fact, most of girls will not go outside until they comb their hair or wear a hair accessory such as a head band or a hair pin. However, there are some times when a young girl will confused as to what accessory to use and ends up looking silly with the wrong choice of hair accessories. There is one rule to definite fashion is that most of us practice to use and wear something that is just appropriate and proper for our age and personality. Therefore, a same common rule applies to the selection of hair accessories for young girls. 5af358c103e74dbca702d4bb0dc7a743 A small part of girls will have short while others have a long hair style. Bows, headbands and clips are all ideal materials for short hair styles while elastic holders of ponytails like scrunchies are suitable to use on long hair. Scrunchies are also good for a sporty girl to wear when she’s participating in sports events in school so her hair will be kept neat and in control. The hair accessories, conversely, are not just limited to a particular hair style. In fact, each accessory may be tried on several other hair styles. For example, a ponytail elastic may be used for a single ponytail or for pigtails on one or both sides of the head. Bright colors of hair accessories are most suitable for the youny girls. In addition to that, hair accessories with designs like butterflies, flowers and hearts are appropriate for the grils. Moms will choose to buy simple designed hair accessories and decorate the accessories are preferred by the daughters. The small flowers and beads are readily available craft items can be glued on hair accessory like head bands. Besides, young girls together with their mothers can spend a bonding moment while making the young girl’s hair accessories of ribbons, beads, pins and bows. f31cb757023860b6fff3a324b43b53f1 Moms can build a girl in creating a good image for herself during the pre-teen years, then she will be likely to be her mom. There will be no mom would like to see her young daugther to look disheveled when going to school. Many moms even do the hairstyle for their teenage daughters just to make sure she will look presentable. An important part of grooming lesson that must be taught to young girls is to keep the hair in place. However, it is not just limited to a simple combing or tying of hair. A girl should not only be neat but also be fashionable with the proper choice of hair accessories. Clips, pins and barrettes can be placed on properly combed hair either at the sides or at the top back. The headbands can also keep the hair away from the face. When girls are young, they must be taught how to use hair products and choose what kind of hair products. These hair products should not be causing damage to the young girl’s hair but only to enhance the hair’s good looks like hair mousse and hair conditioning leave on. You will find more details about hair accessories at 8Seasons.

Fashion Jewelry Necklaces Are Best Choices for Gift

There are variety kinds of fashion jewelry necklaces and most of them a usually made of silver, beads, gold and so on. And there are also simple designs such as diamond solitaire pendant and intricate patterns with endless possibilities. As to most beauties, pearl necklace is a classic piece which can be worn for speical occasions. Classic fashion jewelry necklaces can also be made of gold, which are easy match with casual or formal. There are different kinds of simple gold chains wherein you can put pendants on and there are also intricate pieces that do not need adornments. Today even men love wearing gold jewelries in bold pieces and most of the time, they tend to wear heavy gold charms and pendants. 4aa631325fe2d356cda2442262fde2f7 The silver ones are also available from affordable simple pendants to expensive designs. There are designer pieces with gemstones and gold as well as silver initial chains that may be adorned with diamonds or crystals. Costume jewelries with plastic or metal beads can also be quite expensive but you can find stylish pieces that a made of different kinds of materials in cheaper prices. You also have to know how to take care of your necklaces. For example, your plastic bead necklaces can be cleaned with a damp cloth. If it’s gold necklaces, use warm soapy water and wipe the necklace gently using a soft cloth. And if it’s silver necklaces, make sure to be carful in cleaning them as they can be easily damaged. These necklaces require different kinds of treatments such as using special silver cleaner. You can also use creams, wipes and liguids that are especially designed for silver. When it comes to storing your necklaces, it is best to use a jewelry box with hooks. In this way, you can arrange your jewelry carefully, which is essential to avoid tangled chains. The fashion jewelry necklaces are perfect for a gift. You can give a diamond or a pearl necklace for a special occasion. You can choose from a wide range of designs to choose from – simple design, classic style, casual and even necklaces with elaborate patterns. Nowadays, there are different varieties of custom design necklaces that can be purchased in different jewelry shops. You can acquire a wide range of necklaces to match with any budget and with this facet, it may be difficult to choose the best one for you. 24352fbdfcffb57cb5d72bfc1a1a5566 Except for pearls, diamonds and other semi-precious stones, other kinds of metals are also suitable materials in necklace design such as titanium, copper etc. Therefore, you should put the design into first place when you are buying a custom-made necklace. Here you should remember that choosing a qualified and competent custom design jeweler. It is important to check the designer’s ability and performance. The main factor in assessing the capability of an artisan is through the use of Computer Aided Design. In this case, the designer can easily create or view various necklaces and guarantee that it meets your requirements and specifications. If you do not have time to visit different jewelry stores to purchase the kind of jewelry necklace you like, it is best to go online. You can find a lot of online jewelry stores that can provide original designer necklaces. You can find more fashion necklaces at 8Seasons.

Acrylic Rhinestone Pendants Are Affordable and Beautiful

Have you own some acrylic rhinestone pendants? They are affordable and easy match. Any styles of woman can use it in combination with a lot of outfits. Due to the nature of the mounting and the way the artificial gems are built you can’t while chooing them by mistakes. Since the availability of the terms of color is great, you can just find the right one for you no matter what the occasion is. 0899411738937379f0db4d06273e0ba4 The pendants are now spread widely on the market for a long time. Most of the its buyers are women who can not afford genuine gems but still desire to the same elegance and sparkle that they provide. Since the artificial gems can imitate a lot of types of natural stones, it is very easy for you to combine the jewelry with many types of clothing. No matter casual or work clothing you wear, you will receives the many attentions because the value of the pandants. In this case, you can take the rhinestone pendants with you and you will be very confident that you may be subject to theft. Acrylic rhinestone pendants are regarded as fantasy jewelry, which in turn makes them suitable to be worn by kids as well. In terms of appeal, little girls love the multicolored and multi-faceted ensembles that are available. Sometimes the jewels can imitate classic jewelry, while other times they can be new creations on their own. This means that you have a lot of choices when choosing the right article for you. Heart shaped pendants, geometrical shapes; ensembles consisting of multicolored stones are all possible. 298f37ef290da667f079034fa51caa66 If you want to go with a classic look then the classic montages are the most convenient. A definitive plus for the jewels is that they are not intended to be replacements for valuable stones but a re-interpretation of the same values of jewelry. You can both apply them to a serious outfit as well as keep them at the ready for those times when you desire a playful accessory to go with any less demanding costume. The pendants are also a lot of fun because they can be taken anywhere. Because of the value that they have they will not be confused with precious stones and, therefore, you can carry them with you everywhere you go, having no second thought about how appropriate they may actually be for the circumstances given. All in all, the beauty and the variety of those accessories will go along easily in all circumstances and they will certainly offer you the look and the feel you were looking for. Make sure you pick the right color and the right shape for you and you will not look back on your choice. You can see more details about acrylic rhinestone pendants at 8Seasons.

Turquoise Beads Are the Jewelry Maker’s Best Friend

Turquoise is the best friend of jewelry maker’s. Every maker appreciates it since the gem always looks good, however it’s used. You will not know that the turquoise is the birthstone for December. Turquoise is a kind of soft opaque gemstone which formed by volcanic rock reacting copper deposits brought by water. The turquoise also has different colors and the color ranges from blue-green to yellow green with grey, black or brown veining. These days, most turquoise is dyed, especially non-green colored. As the genuine turquoise is expensive, man-made turquoise is common-produced from real truquoise chips fused with other stones to cut cost. You may have seen that some turquoise is very cheap. Tell you, they are really howlite which is silicate mineral that looks very similar. However, howlite makes an excellent substitute since it costs less and dyes easily. In addition, it has similar properties to genuine turquoise. 55af2acb3a54e5dd255f2793c8eb2e0e Turquoise has been found in 5,000-year-old Egyptian tombs and the Tibetans used to used it as currency centuries ago. North Africa and the Middle East hold large deposits, but most turquoise today originates from Burma and is carved in China. Turquoise didn’t inflow the Europe until the crusades when the name originated which means “Turkish Stone”. Any type and color of turquoise is available in both strand and loose form in all sizes. If you are going to buy wholesale, it will be cheapest to purchase by weight than by strand. However, loose beads will be more expensive. If you just nend a few, especially larger sizes, then this will suit you best. When you are designing handcrafted turquoise jewelry, please try mixing different size and shages of a similar stone. You need to note that wholesale Turquoise beads come mostly in strands of 16 or even longer strands depending on the characteristic features of the bead material and measurements. In most cases, high quality beads are sold individually and getting a wholesale price on such items may be hard, however, in some stores where prime stocks are available, there may be discount prices or special promotional sales. Here I want to highlight that the ancient doctors thought turquoise prevent injury, so they will ground it into a powder to cure stomach disorders, internal bleeding and insect bites. Turquoise has always been used to protect the wearer from danger, attract wealth and warn as a talisman or good luck charm. Some people believe it will fade when danger or illnes is near by or a lover is unfaithful. It’s also said to protect against pollution and strengthen the body. 9b28eb5d53e373f5691cf2dc1238b2b7 Turquoise and pearl will go well together - creating natural, expensive-looking, quality jewelry fast to sell and ideal for gifts. Always present your design in a nice box to reflect its value. Turquoise also looks great with red coral, creating jewelry with mystique, giving a Tibetan effect. Turquoise is porous, so contact with liquids, oils or even perspiration should be avoided. This is why it’s often impregnated with plastic, colorless oil or wax to improve color and durability. Jewelry should be removed before washing. Untreated turquoise will eventually turn green. 8Season provides high quality turquoise beads. For more details: 8Season Turquoise Beads.

Pearl Stud Earrings Are Jewelry Essential

Nowadays, pearl jewelry is suffering from a fashion revival and is becoming increasingly popular again. Although some people will argue that the pearl has never really gone out of fashion. The pearl jewelry of a decade ago was principally white and round. Today this is just not the that case. Today, pearls have different colors and shapes. They range from black to gray, silver, gold and all the pastel shades from peach to pink and lilac. The shapes can be rondels, elongated and naturally shaped baroques are all widely available! 710fc2e123916373dcb59dbe0b791c5b Although the pearls are white, with their legendary color of rainbow add luminosity to any complexion and flatter just about everyone, women the world over love to co-ordinate their clothes with their accessories. Pearls are ideally suited to meet this demand because they form in a different ranges of colors and shapes specific to the molluscs which created them. In addition to that, they can be easily dyed to meet demand when there is a shortfall of natural production of the most popular colors! Furthermore, women is all styles of life, from girls, younger women, career women, mature women, mothers, grandmother, and newborn, all demand different styles of jewelry from each other. The sheer range of pearl jewelry styles these days is breathtaking. The pearl studs have always been popular. But now, they are available in shades of pink, lilac, peach and chocolate, gray and black pearls, as well as white. Recently, the white gold is getting more and more popular and this has meant that there are much more settings in white gold so your choice of pearl stud earrings is probably the widest it has ever been. bf5a50bfb88514aed4b9b4f9a6f5516e Both of the pearl necklaces and pearl chokers have evolved with the demand for different pearl colors. Although the string of white pearls is still popular and also chocolate pearl strings, black pearl chokers and all the soft pastel shades of peach, pink and lilac pearls. Whatever the color of pearl, the neck hugging style of a choker ensures that much light is reflected upwards to the face as possible. And the eye catching colors mean attract a lot of compliments! And who does not want to own that? Pearl stud earrings and a pearl necklace are jewelry staple pieces. And with the sky high prices of gold right now, and the extensive range of styles and colors of pearls available too, there has never been a better time to add one of these jewelry essentials to your fine jewelry wardrobe. You can find more details at 8Seasons.